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Thermajane Knowledge Base

How To Make Your Thermals Last Longer
  • |
Almost everyone who owns thermals does so to combat the colder climate (and if you don’t, what are you waiting for?) that spans over a good half of...
Power Through your Outdoor Cardio with the Right Thermals
  • |
That New Years Resolution has been made, and no amount of snow, wind, or rain is going to stop you from making it happen. You got the new gym membe...
Preparing For The Midwestern Cold: Get Your Thermal Wear Right
  • |
It was reported a couple of years ago that the temperatures in some parts of the Midwest were so low, that they were almost as cold as the surface ...
Winter Activities and Keeping Your Girl Warm
  • |
Kids like to stay active. With winter already here, dressing your kids appropriately for the season can be fun and exciting. For many kids, playing...
Long Johns for Women Have Made a Comeback, and They’re in Style!
  • |
When you hear the word long johns, what do you think of? Do you think of those frumpy, oversized, waffle knit flannel pieces that were around in th...
How Compression Gear Affects Your Running
  • |
No matter where you shop, you’ll find a wide range of sportswear for all types of training. If you enter an actual sports store, you can get overwh...
Thermal Underwear for Women – How it is Designed with the Woman in Mind
  • |
It’s no secret that the woman’s body is much different than a man’s. Although core temperatures are 98.6F or 37C, women often feel a lot colder tha...
Why Fabric Matters The Most While Choosing Thermal Underwear
  • |
Most of us pay good attention to the fit, styles, and functions of the garment when purchasing thermal wear. The fabric often gets left out of cons...
Identifying And Buying For The Size That Fits You, And How Our Size Chart Can Help You
  • |
Your thermal is going to be your closest friend in the long and chilly days of a dreadful winter. Choosing it right is your key to a comfortable an...

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